About me

Hi, my name is Raphael, and I am an "intrapreneur"—I specialize in building products used within medium to large sized companies. I am an expert in using React and NodeJS to build full-stack solutions, in addition to rounding out my skillset with UIKit and Rails.

Circumstances have allowed me to become very good at designing, architecting, and building systems from the ground up, and then training humans to use them.

I am strong at building rich client-side GUI applications, and micro-service backends that power them.

This portfolio was created to show off my traditional full-stack developer skillset, and also to highlight some side projects that round out my capabilities: from iOS apps, to PLC controllers, to Arduino, to C++ game development—I fear nothing within the realm of computing.

Feel free to browse around and look at stuff. Remember, all of these projects are much more impressive in-person. Have fun!